breast augmentation in karnal
April 26, 2021
breast augmentation in karnal

Breast augmentation and / or breast implant?

If you have been thinking about breast surgery, you may have wondered if you need a breast augmentation in Panipatṇ, breast implant placement, or both. The female body undergoes many changes, especially during pregnancy and lactation. Breasts can lose their youthful posture and sag. These problems not only affect women of large size, but women with small breasts may also face it.

Let’s look at what are the factors that work together to help you decide if you need a breast augmentation or breast implant placement , or both. In this article, we go over the three most important ones: the position of the nipple, achieving the right shape and fullness, and the desire for a large breast size.

Position of the nipple

If you look in the mirror and find that your nipples are facing down or possibly under the fold crease – where the lower arch of your breasts meets your chest – you will most likely need a breast suture. These positions of the nipple suggest breast sagging, which can be caused by large breast size, weight loss, childbirth, breastfeeding, and weak connective tissue. During breast augmentation in Panipat, in addition to raising the breast, the position and size of the nipple can be changed.

The shape of the breasts

After a major weight loss, or as you age, your breasts may lose their previous volume, fullness, and appear flat or too small. Breasts can also sag after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In these cases, insertion of the breast implant can change the volume of the breast, also improving the shape of the breasts. However, in addition to implant placement, breast augmentation may be required, in which case combined breast augmentation in Panipat is the appropriate solution.

Breast size

It is well known that the most common plastic surgical procedure is breast augmentation, as a very large percentage of women are dissatisfied with their breast size. Some have always wanted something bigger, others want to improve on asymmetry. During the consultation, the best plastic surgeon in Panipat will explain and show you the implants available from us . You can also try these in a bra so you can get a more accurate picture of what your body will look like after the procedure.

A combination of breast implant and breast augmentation in Panipat

During combined breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon in Delhi creates a new, aesthetic shape by inserting an implant and lifting the breasts. Our plastic surgeon in Panipat will show you the different implants and choose the most suitable one, explain the different surgical techniques, show you where the surgical scars will be located after breast augmentation.

It all starts with a consultation

Dr Sahil Singla considers it vital to accompany and support you in every step. During the consultation, you will receive an extensive professional opinion, our plastic surgeon will answer any questions you may have and work with you to select the best solution. Our consultants will then put together a personalized offer.