March 2, 2021

Gynecomastia or Male Breast Reduction Surgery


Gynecomastia or male breast is excess fatty tissue in the male mammary glands. In some cases, gynecomastia can appear or develop due to hormonal or genetic changes in the patient, and this increase in volume in the mammary glands manifests between 12 to 22 years of age. For Gynecomastia/male breast reduction surgery in Panipat, Dr. Sahil Singla, best plastic surgeon in Panipat, performs an individual study of the patient and assesses the suitability of performing an aesthetic operation. An intervention with which the male torso looks healthy and symmetrical. The opinion of the plastic surgeon is essential to end gynecomastia, as we can find cases in which fat has accumulated in this area of ​​the body without developing glandular tissue and, therefore, require another type of treatment.

Gynecomastia in Panipat is carried out by eliminating the excess breast tissue in the chest caused by a production of estrogen and testosterone outside the normal rate. On the other hand, gynecomastia in men can present in two different ways:

  • Gynecomastia: In this case, the excess volume is due to the accumulation of breast tissue due to the altered production of estrogens and testosterone.
  • Pseudo gynecomastia refers to the excess of fatty tissue only in the mammary glands and the solution is much simpler since only the adipose tissue has to be removed from the pectoral area.

Results: definitive and immediate.

After the procedure of male breast reduction surgery in Panipat, it shows definitive results since by removing the fatty tissue or breast tissue excess volume is immediately removed from the pectoral area. It is important that during the first month after the treatment, the patient rests and does not do any high intensity sports as this could affect recovery and results.


Gynecomastia surgery in Panipat is recommended when:

  • The patient has excess volume in the chest area.
  • This excess volume affects the quality of life of the patient.
  • Patients who are at the desired weight.
  • Patients who do not consume alcohol or smoke excessively.


First of all, it is necessary to detect if the patient needs a true gynecomastia or a pseudo gynecomastia. For this, a first evaluation visit is necessary, where the best plastic surgeon in Panipat will examine the patient’s breast, and by means of palpation he will be able to give his diagnosis reliably.

True gynecomastia: excess fat and mammary gland are eliminated. In our clinic it is always performed accompanied by liposuction, with which part of the mammary gland could be removed. If this were not enough and the mammary gland remains, a resection (removal) of the deepest part of the gland would be carried out, always leaving something in the upper part (it is never completely removed because otherwise the man’s chest would be sunken). The incision can be of two types: lower periareolar, or upper periareolar in case the breast was slightly saggy. Through the incision, some skin is removed from the top and the areola is pulled up a bit.

Pseudo gynecomastia: With pseudo gynecomastia, only excess fat is removed. The male breast reduction surgery in Panipat consists of performing a liposuction of the pectoral area, through a micro incision in the armpit or nipple area so that it is as less visible as possible.

  • It is a fast, safe and outpatient procedure, as it does not require hospitalization.
  • The gynecomastia surgery in Panipat is performed in a single intervention.
  • Recovery is relatively quick and uncomplicated.
  • The patient regains confidence and self-assurance, thus improving the quality of life.


During the 3-4 hours after the intervention, the patient will feel some slight discomfort (type stiffness) that is relieved with the medication prescribed by the doctor.
Although the percentage is less than 1%, infections and bleeding may appear after treatment; the patient need not be alarmed. In some people, the inflammatory process may last longer than expected and bruises may also appear in the treated areas. These remit with an ointment provided by the doctor.

  • Treatment is outpatient: the patient returns home the same day of treatment.
  • Relative rest should be kept for the first 48 hours.
  • It is recommended to lie down in a semi-reclined position.
  • It is advisable to limit any type of activity until 2 weeks after the intervention.
  • At no time should the dressing or bandage that the plastic surgeon used after surgery be removed.
  • The time to return to sports physical activity must be at least 3 weeks.
  • If there were stitches to be removed, these would be removed a week or 10 days after the intervention.

It is a surgical medical girdle for daily use that helps to meld and support the skin that has been or is being exposed to a special treatment.

Its use is very important so that the post-operative period and its results are as expected, and the desired perfection is achieved.

Gynecomastia surgery in Panipat


The medication prescribed by Dr Sahil Singla for this treatment is: antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory for a week.


Each gynecomastia surgery in Panipat requires a series of special care that must be considered before going to the clinic on the day of the intervention. Depending on the case, Dr Sahil will give the indications in the first informative consultation. These are the care that doctor recommends following before receiving any treatment:

  • The day of the intervention should be attended with comfortable shoes and loose clothing.
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption should be eliminated at least 2 weeks before treatment.
  • The patient must inform the doctor in case of being under treatment with any medication, such as anti-inflammatory, vitamins, and anti-coagulants.


At what age can I have gynecomastia surgery?

The minimum age for gynecomastia surgery is 18 years old, although our surgeons recommend waiting until 22, at which point the excessive development of the mammary gland and possible hormonal disorders are completed.

I have steroid gynecomastia; can I have surgery?

One of the reasons for the development of this gland may be hyperthyroidism. Once it has been diagnosed and treatment is started, the patient can consider the option of undergoing this type of male breast reduction surgery in Panipat. In principle, it will be possible to operate without any problem, but it will always be the specialist surgeon who, after making a medical evaluation, will have the last decision.

Who is the best candidate for gynecomastia?

The perfect candidate for gynecomastia is someone who suffers from excess fat in the breast area. A priori it is only an aesthetic problem, but it is true that it can become a great complex for men. It is important to know that it is solved with a simple surgical procedure and that after your recovery you will be able to lead a normal life.

What risks does a gynecomastia surgery carry?

This surgery does not have any type of complexity for the patient, it is a quick and simple procedure. It is important to note that after the operation a series of special care is required that our doctors will report to be carried out in the days after the surgical procedure.

Can breasts increase again after gynecomastia surgery?

No. The results are totally final, so there is no need to worry. Once the postoperative period is over, the patient will be able to forget forever about their complex due to excess breasts.

Where is the gynecomastia operation performed?

It is performed around ​​the male mammary gland. The maximum duration of the intervention is 90 minutes and does not require any type of hospitalization. After the first 48 hours, the patient will have to come to our office for their first check-up.

What type of anesthesia is used?

The type of anesthesia used for this intervention is general, in addition to sedation so that the patient does not have any discomfort or pain during the procedure.

What result can I expect after male breast reduction surgery in Panipat?

The results of gynecomastia are totally immediate. From the first moment, the patient will be able to eliminate his excess pectoral fat and the development of his mammary gland.

male breast reduction surgery in Panipat

Will I be able to have sex in the recovery period?

It is recommended that during the first days the care in that area is increased, but once the 48 hours have passed and as long as the patient is well and without problems, a totally full and normal life can be led.

Can I sleep on my stomach or side after surgery?

Dr. Sahil Singla recommends that during the first 48 hours you sleep on your back so that the patient does not have any discomfort.

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