plastic surgery
January 26, 2021
plastic surgery

Know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi deals with the correction of any congenital, acquired, tumor or simply involutive process that requires repair or replacement, or that affects body shape and / or function. His techniques are based on the transplantation and mobilization of tissues using grafts and flaps or even implants of inert material. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery seeks to restore or improve function and physical appearance in injuries caused by accidents and burns, in diseases and tumors of the skin and supporting tissues and in congenital anomalies, mainly of the face, hands and genitals.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, on the other hand, deals with generally healthy patients and its object is to correct alterations in the aesthetic norm in order to obtain greater facial and body harmony or the sequelae produced by aging. This has repercussions on emotional stability, improving quality of life through professional and emotional relationships, etc.

Although the motivation to undergo a cosmetic surgery operation is very personal, there are external factors that undoubtedly influence. Such is, for example, the current orientation of our society towards youth and in which a young and dynamic physical appearance is essential to be able to compete under equal professional conditions. Similar importance has a good physical appearance in social and affective relationships. Fashion also influences, today oriented towards greater exposure of the body and with a certain pattern of beauty. These considerations negatively influence the body’s self-image, which, ultimately, is the reason that drives a person to undergo a cosmetic surgery operation.

plastic surgeon in Laxmi Nagar

Finally, highlight the fact that the patient must have a clear and realistic idea of ​​the objectives that can be achieved through Cosmetic Surgery, its limitations and risks, in order to be able to make a free decision. Plastic Surgery operations are conditioned, not only by the experience and skill of the best plastic surgeon in Laxmi Nagar, but also by the patient’s own quality of healing and healing. Likewise, there may be complications as in any other type of surgery (hemorrhages, infections, pathological scarring) or anesthetic type, whether local, regional or general (allergies, cardiovascular, respiratory problems, etc.).

However, statistically the percentage of general complications is extremely low, Among other reasons for being a surgery that in most cases is not intracavitary (cranial, thoracic or abdominal), requiring a less deep anesthesia and to be performed, in general, in healthy patients. Any specific risks related to each type of intervention are mentioned on the corresponding pages.

Before the surgery, a medical history, a preoperative study (analysis, X-rays, electrocardiogram, photographs, etc.) will be carried out, and information on the financial budget will be given.

Facts to Know

Although the role of the plastic surgeon in Laxmi Nagar is not to preserve or save life, it does have to preserve or recover the best possible functionality of the patient, while ensuring a good aesthetic result, because even if we return form and function to the patient with a good Reconstruction, if the patient does not have a “normal” appearance from an aesthetic point of view, it cannot be considered a good result and the improvement in quality of life will not be as noticeable. Therefore,  the best plastic surgeon in Delhi directly influences the quality of life of the patient.

What are the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery?

  •  Reconstructive surgery
  •  Burns Surgery.
  •  Hand Surgery.
  •  Craniofacial surgery.
  •  Microsurgery.
  •  Congenital malformation surgery