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Bedsore/Difficult Wound

Bedsores or pressure ulcers are one of the main problems in bedridden or wheelchair dependent people and can present various complications. They require regular bedsore treatment at home in Delhi.

Dr Sahil Singla is a leading plastic surgeon in Delhi for diabetic foot, bedsore and wound treatment at home in Delhi. He is expert in reconstructive surgery and thus makes him expert in handling of difficult wound treatment at home in Delhi.

bedsore treatment at home in Delhi

Thus, prevention is vital to avoid this type of skin injury, but it is also vital to know the different degrees that exist and what we can do in their treatment.

What are bedsores?

Bedsores are lesions that occur on the skin and underlying tissue due to pressure, rubbing or abrasion, especially affecting bony areas such as the lower back, hips, heels, and ankles.

Depending on its severity, up to four stages can be distinguished, being crucial to detect them in the first of them so that the treatment is more effective.

Why do they occur?

These wounds, also known as pressure ulcers, are common in people who are bedridden or with reduced mobility due to the continuous contact of the skin against a surface, something that is complicated in the following situations:

  • Inactivity or holding the same posture for a long time
  • Continuous rubbing or sliding with abrasion of the skin against fabrics or surfaces
  • Damp skin
  • Lack of hydration or poor nutrition
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Infections
  • Incontinence
  • Skin problems or diseases such as edema or dryness


The symptoms of bedsores are very varied and range from a slight reddening of the skin to a deeper wound that can even affect the muscles or bones. Within this wide range of warning signs, the most common are:

  • Touch sensitive areas
  • Changes in skin color or texture
  • Pus-like drainage
  • Swelling
  • Areas that are colder or hotter than the rest of the skin

Most affected areas

As we indicated, pressure ulcers usually appear in areas where the skin surrounds the bone , the most common being:

  • Lower back area
  • Hips
  • Heels
  • Ankles
  • Nape
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Elbows

Stages of pressure ulcers

There are up to four different stages that bedsores go through depending on the severity of the injury and the symptoms that occur. Identifying its stage will be essential to know how to cure bedsores in older people and offer a more effective treatment.

Stage I

In the first symptoms of pressure ulcers, the skin will have a reddish, purple or bluish color without producing any change in color when pressing on the area. At this time there is no wound on the skin, although it may hurt, itch or have a different texture or temperature than the rest of the body.

Stage II

At this second level there is a loss of skin tissue that causes the formation of a blister or even an open sore, the area presenting a more intense red color, visibly irritated.

Stage III

In the third stage, the sore opens and sinks , creating what is known as a crater, already affecting the underlying tissue, but without presenting damage to muscles or bones.

Stage IV

At this level, the most serious, the injury is very deep , damaging muscles and bones.

In addition, there are other lesions that do not correspond to this evolution, such as subcutaneous ulcers in which the affected area has a brown or purple color.

difficult wound treatment at home in Delhi

How to cure bedsores in elderly people?

Most ulcers heal at home, but sometimes they will require medical assistance and even a prescription for an antibiotic to prevent infection. In any case, its treatment will depend on the degree of damage to the skin and, therefore, on the stage in which it is, but it is essential to keep the wounds clean and change the bandage after cleaning.

Stage I

In the mildest phase, it will be enough to apply water and neutral soap to wash the wound and then apply a moisturizing cream.

Stage II

When pressure ulcers are in a more advanced stage it is necessary to clean them with a saline solution to eliminate dead skin cells. It is important never to apply hydrogen peroxide or other iodinated compounds because they would damage the skin. Once the cleaning is done, the wound should be covered with specific bandages to avoid infection and promote healing.

Stage III and IV

In the more advanced and therefore more serious phases, the injuries have to be treated by medical personnel and follow the indications given by them regarding their treatment at home.


Some special dressings and bandages, designed to protect pressure ulcers and speed up the healing process, are applied by doctor when they come for bedsore treatment at home in Delhi.

Some examples of this type of product are:

  • Hydrocolloids, dressings that contain a special gel that encourages the growth of new skin cells in the ulcer while keeping the healthy skin in the area dry, and
  • Alginates, dressings made from seaweed that contain sodium and calcium and have been shown to speed up the healing process.


Sometimes a third or fourth degree ulcer cannot heal and surgery is required to seal the wound and prevent further tissue damage.

A commonly used surgical technique for treating bedsores is called graft replacement (sometimes also called graft reconstruction). In this technique, the plastic surgeon uses a scalpel to debride the ulcer of necrotic tissue. A skin and muscle graft is taken from another part of the body and used to seal the ulcer.

Graft surgery is complicated in and of itself and can pose many difficulties due to the fact that patients who need it are already in poor health. As a result of these risk factors, there are a large number of possible complications that can result from surgery, including:

  • infection,
  • tissue death in the graft,
  • muscular weakness,
  • blisters,
  • reappearance of bedsores,
  • blood infection,
  • bone infection
  • internal bleeding,
  • abscesses and
  • Deep venous thrombosis.

Despite the high risk of complications, surgery is a frequent clinical necessity to prevent life-threatening effects of bedsores, such as septicemia or gangrene.


Tummy Tuck

If you are wondering how to remove unwanted fats from abdomen, consult Dr Sahil Singla. He is the best plastic surgeon for abdominoplasty in East Delhi. The best abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in East Delhi is a procedure used to remove excess skin and fat in the middle and lower abdomen. It also corrects muscle flaccidity, so that it tightens the abdominal area and strengthens it.

Best Tummy Tuck in East Delhi

It is very common to resort to this procedure after pregnancy, sudden weight changes, in people who, despite diet or exercise, accumulate fat in the belly or when the area has lost its tone over time.

How is it different from a reverse tummy tuck?

The process and the objective are exactly the same: it is about eliminating the fat located in a specific point of the abdomen, although in this case it is about the deposits located above the navel.

In this situation, the incision is made just below the chest, but the rest of the intervention proceeds in the same way: excess fat is removed, excess skin is removed, and the contour of the abdominal wall is corrected.

Abdominoplasty in East Delhi is a simple cosmetic surgery procedure that is used by both men and women who want to eliminate excess fat and skin in the area. The results are good and long-lasting if you maintain a balanced diet and practice an exercise routine.

What does it correct?

This aesthetic procedure allows you to show off a slimmer and more stylized figure in the waist area.

In the case of being overweight or moderately obese, a tummy tuck in East Delhi can improve the elasticity of the abdomen. However, if you have to lose a lot of weight, you must resort to other methods.

In addition to treating excess skin or fat, with our abdomen surgery we eliminate the presence of stretch marks or the scars of a caesareansection.

Postural and back benefits

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, abdominoplasty in Delhi helps improve posture and unload the lower back. This way, back pain is prevented and reduced. And being more agile, you can perform certain exercises that were probably difficult for us before.

Abdominoplasty and pregnancy

After giving birth, many women lose strength in the abdomen area and it becomes flaccid. With cosmetic surgery, the smoothness in this part of the body can be restored with satisfactory results.

Sometimes, especially after twins have been delivered, an abdominal diastasis can occur. This consists of the separation of the muscles that cross the abdomen and that form a straight line. As a consequence, there is a bulging in the belly that can only be corrected with the best tummy tuck in Delhi.

Finally, if you are thinking of getting pregnant again, it is not recommended to undergo this plastic surgery, because its effects would probably not be long-lasting.

The gut is one of the main aesthetic concerns of men, which is why many resorts to a tummy tuck to get rid of it. Now, it must be borne in mind that it is not a technique that solves obesity.

The ideal candidate for this surgical technique is a male with excess fat in the abdomen or present a very loose skin on it and you cannot reduce or diet nor exercise.

With this technique you will be able to strengthen your abdomen, whose surface will be considerably reduced, thus obtaining a slimmer figure.

Abdominoplasty, benefits, risks, and complications

Best Abdominoplasty in East Delhi


  • It improves the problems derived from obesity in the abdomen and the consequences of pregnancy.
  • Corrects the abdominal muscle girdle both in patients who have not had a pregnancy, as well as after multiple pregnancies.
  • Improves the skin in general and the appearance of the navel in particular.


  • Perhaps the main risk derives from the lack of experience when placing and sizing the scar. This should be as small as possible and well placed so that it is as inconspicuous as possible.


  • Bleeding and infection.
  • Intolerance to points, seroma.
  • Especially unaesthetic scar.

Abdominoplasty in East Delhi improves all abdominal problems derived from overdistention due to obesity or pregnancy. Improves the skin, the muscular girdle, and the navel.

As complications can occur all those associated with any surgery. However, most are minor and resolve well: for example, it is very common for rest to be affected during the first days.

And among the risks, it seems to me that the most important is not to get an aesthetic scar. If we get a good scar it will have been worth the effort.


Arms Reshaping

The brachioplasty or arm lift surgery in Delhi is a technique used to define the contour of the arm. It consists of eliminating and stretching the hanging skin and its excess fat. Fat deposits are located along the inside of the arms and even in the armpit region or on the sides. This surgery is considered more frequently after significant weight loss or post-bariatric surgery. There are also other factors such as age and poor skin quality.

arm lift surgery in Delhi

Dr. Sahil Singla is an expert in this technique. It is performed under general anesthesia and requires admission for only one day. Fat is extracted from the inner side of the arm, to remove excess skin without leaving visible marks. It is advisable to associate a liposuction of the area to define the contour and improve the final results. The operation usually lasts for approximately 2-3 hours.

Candidate patients for arm reshaping in Delhi come for two situations, one is the accumulation of excess fat, in the context of a pattern of distribution of fat in the trunk or generalized excess weight, and the second situation is when, after significant losses weight or age there is an excess of loose skin and fat in this area, giving the typical appearance of bat wings. The surgical options will therefore depend on the patient’s situation. When the patient has sufficiently elastic skin (but the skin on the inner side of the arm is almost never excellent, as it is usually very thin) and there is only an accumulation of fat without significant excess or skin flaccidity, we will opt for liposuction.

If we have excess or very poor quality skin accompanying excess fat, isolated liposuction is ruled out because we could aggravate the problem by leaving an even more flaccid skin, in these cases we will then consider joint excision of skin and fat, that is, a brachioplasty in Delhi or arm lift surgery in Delhi.


The arms are not a common area for liposuction, but it also has its indications, clear cases in which it is really effective. It is more commonly performed in women because genetics indicate that there is more flaccidity on the inner side of the arm and an extra accumulation of fatty tissue.

The fat of the arm is usually locate in the anteromedial part, although the lower the arm and support alongside the body seems to be the posterolateral part redundant. Liposuction is only done on that internal part, for two reasons; The first is that the fat is where it accumulates in excess, and the second is that liposuction should not be done on the outside as it is easy for irregularities to remain given the characteristics of the fat and the skin here.

It is essential to consider an arm liposuction that the patient has good quality skin, although it is difficult to have excellent skin in this area so prone to flaccidity, but it must have a good tone. If there is a lot of laxity, stretch marks, excess skin, this skin is not going to retract well, and we will not have good results.


Although it is not spectacular in terms of contouring as a lipectomy or arm lift would be, yes, in good candidates, the contour is greatly improved by reducing the perimeter of the arm and eliminating that fat that protrudes when lowering the arm or that hangs when raising it. The scars it leaves are minimal, practically invisible, located on the elbow and near the armpit. Therefore, when there is no significant flaccidity, plastic surgeon in Delhi will opt for liposuction, leaving the lipectomy or brachioplasty for cases of very lax skin and significant skin excess.


The arm lift surgery in Delhi is performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation, generally oral, on an outpatient basis (unless we associate it with other procedures, for example back liposuction). The surgery time is approximately an hour or an hour and a half, and at the end they put on some pressotherapy sleeves, which like all post-liposuction garments must be kept for 1-1.5 months. Purples are normal. The postoperative pain is scarce, with a mild analgesic left over, and can resume normal activity almost to the day.

Liposuction must be very careful and with very fine cannulas, always superficial to avoid damaging vascular structures, especially the lymphatic vessels so abundant here due to the proximity of the armpit). The cannula passes making vertical paths to protect them.

You can shower the next day without problems and move your arms at will. Lymphatic drainage is recommended (it is very common to have edema and lymphangitis due to the proximity of the armpit). It is also highly recommended to do exercises for arm muscle building, especially you have to tone the triceps, responsible for the tone in this area, being the best to do work with weights or TRX type, although swimming is also very good.

The results of arm reshaping in Delhi are seen after 2-3 months. Remember, the indication for surgery is key. If we have a lot of laxity and excess skin it will not work, and we will have to opt for a brachioplasty in Delhi. But if there is a moderate accumulation of fat and good skin, with elasticity, it is a very simple surgery that will achieve results impossible to achieve only with massage or exercise.


This surgery reshapes the arms by tightening the lax skin and drying excess fat in patients who show significant flaccidity (“bat wing” appearance) after significant weight loss, either after diets and life changes, or after bariatric surgeries. or simply by age, which determines that fat accumulates and that this skin becomes increasingly poor quality, with which any accumulation weighs and makes it off the hook and mobile. This surgery defines the arms associating liposuction and excision of the necessary skin.


Patients who, due to the above-mentioned circumstances, have a significant excess of loose and oily skin, or even patients with moderate excesses who are sufficiently motivated to accept the resulting scar, which, as in any body contouring or body lift surgery, is always important (As long as the problem is excess skin, the scars will be large, there is no other way to tighten the tissues if they are excess and lax).

It is essential that the patient then have realistic expectations regarding this surgery, it is not possible to do a proper reshaping of the arm with a small or not visible scar, or only with liposuction, it will not work. Patients must be at a normal weight and stabilized at this weight. Thus, after bariatric surgery (and this is one of the almost mandatory surgeries after these interventions) at least 18 months must have elapsed since the weight loss was completed, and it is the same if a lot of weight was lost through other means. The weight must be stable, as any variation up or down after surgery will spoil the results.

And this is the same for anybody contouring surgery, patients should be motivated to take care of their body, it is not logical to perform these surgeries if they do not commit to maintaining them with an adequate diet and good physical activity habits…

Patients should be sure that their arms no longer improve despite losing weight and exercising, but even if these guidelines have not achieved the expected results, they are essential after arm lift surgery in Delhi, in order to maintain results. You need to be realistic and motivated.


This arm reshaping in Delhi is performed in a hospital environment, and usually under general anesthesia. The stay in the clinic can be of several hours or even with a day of admission. The duration is 2-3 hours although it is frequently combined with other trunk contour surgeries such as breast reduction in post bariatric patients. The location of the scar must be very careful. There are several techniques but basically all of them coincide in a longitudinal scar that goes from the apex of the armpit to the elbow, sometimes even to the forearm if the tissue excess determines it. This scar is on the inside of the arm, and it is located so that the minimum is visible, unless it is not visible with the arm next to the body both in the front and rear view, although it is inevitable to see it when separating the arm. The amount of skin to be resected is also determined with the patient standing up, although new adjustments are made later in the surgery, and it is always on the inside of the arm.

Liposuction is always associated with these surgeries. Liposuction reshapes the arm by removing excess fat not only in the area to be resected but also in the front and back of the arm, helping a correct mobilization of the tissues and thus a more effective skin excision. An adequate liposuction also allows us to preserve as much as possible the lymphatic vessels in the area to be respected, as we will do a very aggressive liposuction in this area so that later we will only have to resect skin. This technique notably reduces the rate of complications such as seromas or lesions of vascular or nervous structures. Depending on what each case requires (quantity and location of excess and sagging tissues), the technique may vary:

  • Isolated liposuction.
  • As I have mentioned, it only works if we have elastic skin, of good quality. If this is not the case, we can even worsen the appearance of the arm, since a poor-quality skin after liposuction would look even looser and saggy, and this should be taken into account by patients who refuse the scar: if an excision of Even if there is flaccidity and poor skin tone, liposuction should be very limited and very moderate results will be sought. The skin needs elasticity to retract after liposuction. For this reason, this technique will be performed both in patients who, due to their tissue conditions, are good candidates, as well as in less optimal candidates. but that, rejecting the scar, they assume that the results will be discreet and limited.
  • Brachioplasty with reduced scar.
  • It has very limited indications, hardly any excess tissue in the upper inner part of the arm, so that this excess can be collected in a scar in the armpit or with minimal vertical prolongation.
  • Standard brachioplasty in Delhi.
  • The most common technique collects the excess on the arm by resecting a skin spindle that leaves a scar from the armpit to the elbow.
  • Extended brachioplasty.
  • Common in post-bariatric patients, the scar continues beyond the armpit vertically on the chest to collect excess skin and fat on the sides.


In surgery, sterile dressings and a compression bandage will be applied, as well as, depending on the technique, some drains. The dressings will remain untouched for 3-4 days allowing to wet or shower after the first week. After a few days, the bandage is changed for pressotherapy garments type compression sleeves, which must be worn for at least a month. It is not a painful postoperative period, although you must be patient with the inflammation, which is normal to affect the entire arm, so it will be recommended that you rest with your arms or forearms supported on pillows, to reduce the edema in the hands. Tasks that involve pressure or efforts with the arms should not be performed, although simple movements are recommended. Local swelling for at least a month is normal. Lymphatic drains can be very helpful.

Walking is allowed as a physical activity, although they must forget about the gym and sports for at least a month. Sports activities that affect the arms should be postponed for at least 2 months. The calculated time off work will depend on the activity, although the minimum would be 2 weeks (maybe less if it does not involve movements of the arms).

Body-And-Thigh-Lift in Delhi

Body And Thigh Lift

Many of us dream of losing weight, but in cases where the weight loss is great, the excess skin of the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks can be a stigma of obesity that is quite uncomfortable. There are also other reasons that can cause the skin of our abdomen, thighs, and buttocks to lose elasticity and loosen. If you are considering to reshape your body with body lift surgery in Delhi, Dr Sahil Singla is the best plastic surgeon for the same.

Body Lift surgery in Delhi

Patients who lose a large amount of weight do so through great effort and commitment to a new, healthier lifestyle.

You cannot exercise your skin.

Although exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and definitely improves your shape and posture, no matter how many sit-ups, the skin on the abdomen will not shrink. Unfortunately, until now there are no treatments to return stretched skin to its original shape. Body contouring surgery helps patients shed that excess skin – which is often a reminder of their past life – and finish the transformation to their new lifestyle.

Unlike the tummy tuck, the body lift restores the shape of the abdomen, waist, and buttocks.

The circular dermolipectomy or Body lift surgery in Delhi is a body contouring cosmetic procedure that consists of removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen, tightening the muscles that have become slack, and performing interventions on the buttocks, hips or lumbar area to restore their shape. Unlike the traditional abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck), this surgery is not limited to the abdomen area, but also extends to the back to treat the lower back, and lift the buttocks, returning them to a fuller and more rounded shape.

A conventional tummy tuck removes excess skin on the front or front of the abdomen, leaving a low horizontal scar running from one side of the hip to the other. A circular dermolipectomy or body lift, on the other hand, also removes excess skin on the most lateral parts and the back, leaving a low scar that surrounds the entire body. This technique allows that incision to be used at the same time to lift the buttocks and give them a better shape.

It is important to understand that in patients with massive weight loss, the excess skin that exists on the abdomen is usually considerable. As it extends both length and width, there are cases in which it is necessary to resect tissue in both directions, thus adding a vertical component to the scar. This technique is known as abdominoplasty.

Who is a candidate for a Body Lift?

Body contouring surgery, especially in those patients who have lost large amounts of weight, is a procedure that should only be performed after careful evaluation of the patient and their characteristics. These without some of the criteria that we consider when we select the patient.

  • Be healthy and not pregnant or nursing.
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have an excess of skin and/or fat in the abdomen, lower back and hips.
  • Have sagging skin on the buttocks and thighs.
  • Be done with the weight loss protocols, whether surgical, or dietary.
  • Have a stable weight for at least the last 6 months.
  • Exercise and be committed to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Understand that in this procedure a better body contour is obtained in exchange for sometimes visible scars.

If you are ready to finish your transformation, the first step is to visit your plastic surgeon in Panipat.

During your first consultation, the procedures necessary to perform the body lift will be determined, these may include: lifting of the skin of your breasts, abdomen, arms, thighs and liposuction of certain areas. This will depend on the condition in which your body is. Your body will also be examined to take measurements of its size and shape, examine the quality of the skin, and identify the areas where it will be worked.

On the other hand, several photographs will be taken for the medical record and you will have to answer questions about your medical history, allergy to medications, expectations of the operation and any other factor relevant to the surgery.

Consider that depending on which areas you are interested in treating, it may be necessary to perform more than one surgery, as there is a limit to the amount of tissue and skin that can be safely resected in a single procedure, there are also certain combinations of procedures work better than others.

What to expect during the operation?

Marks will be made on your body with a marker to determine the sites where the incisions will be made, this is known as pre-operative marking and is key to shortening the operative time.

The procedure to perform a body lift surgery in Delhi involves incisions in your body, the size and quantity of these incisions will depend on the amount and location of excess skin you have, but modern surgical techniques allow incisions to be made in strategic areas where can be hidden by clothing. Remember that this is a body contouring procedure, where the priority is to get a moulded figure, you will look great in tight clothing! In exchange for that new silhouette, you should have some scars that will fade over time.

A bikini-like incision is usually made to tighten the abdomen, crotch, buttock, waist, and thigh area in one procedure. On some occasions, apart from removing excess skin and fat, it is necessary to perform a little liposuction to help the contour take better shape, and sometimes it is even necessary to inject fat in other areas to regain some of the lost volume. Deep sutures will be placed to help maintain shape and tension in the muscles.

During this operation, general anesthesia is used, which means that you will be completely asleep during the entire operation, the duration of which can vary between 30 minutes and 4 hours or more, depending on your individual needs.

What to expect after the operation?

After the operation, the best plastic surgeon in Delhi will place you with bandages and special compression garments, in some cases it is necessary to place small tubes to drain excess fluids. Because this is an extensive operation and covers different areas of the body, a 24-hour complete rest and then assisted ambulation the following day is recommended, so it is generally necessary to stay in the hospital for at least one night. After the bandages and drains are removed, the use of a girdle that helps maintain the shape of the body will be indicated.

(It is necessary that in the immediate postoperative period the patient is placed on a bed with the back raised, the knees bent and the legs slightly elevated (semi-Fowler position) to avoid tension on the flap and the suture.

It is normal to experience some pain after this procedure, so the doctor will prescribe pain relievers and, if necessary, antibiotics to deal with any type of infection. The results of this operation are visible immediately, however, it is necessary to wait a couple of months to see the final result when all the inflammation has disappeared, and this may vary depending on each patient.

liposuction in Delhi


The best liposuction in East Delhi is a plastic surgery technique that involves the removal of fat deposits in specific areas of the body anatomy.

Liposuction is known as suction lipectomy, lipoplasty or simply lipo-suck. This procedure may require anesthesia, although local anesthesia is used most commonly. A cannula (thin tube) is inserted into a small incision or through the skin, then suctioned out from under the skin. In some cases, several tiny incisions are made in strategic places. The fat cells are removed with either surgical forceps or a laser device. The fatty layer is suctioned away. The amount of tissue that can be sucked from each area varies depending on the patient’s weight. Suction lipectomy has a long history of success in cosmetic surgery.

“The ideal candidates for liposuction in East Delhi are those who, having a normal weight, have areas of the body with excess fat that resist diet or exercise. If you also have a firm and elastic skin you will get better results.

best liposuction in East Delhi

In what areas can it be done?

The areas of the body where we can apply liposuction are the following:

  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Hips, thighs and knees
  • Calf and ankles
  • On the chest in men, for reduction (gynecomastia)
  • On the face: cheeks and chin


After undergoing a liposuction in East Delhi you will appreciate that your body looks more proportionate and slender. You will gain more confidence in yourself and you will feel more comfortable with your physique.

Liposuction and cartridge belts

The cartridge belts or trochanteric region are formed by the accumulation of adipocytes or fat cells in the hip area. There are women who, due to genetic reasons, have a propensity for fat to be deposited in this part of their body, as well as in the buttocks and thighs. For this reason, cartridge belts can appear in both thin and overweight women.

The best liposuction in Delhi is a desirable treatment in these cases, as can be focused on the elimination of fat accumulated in this area of the body. In fact, if there is any weight variation after liposuction in the cartridge belt area, the fat usually does not concentrate again in this area.

Price for a liposuction in Delhi

The price of a liposuction will depend on several elements that our experts will have when making a budget. This will always be personalized and in tune with individual peculiarities.

Liposuction in men

Men do not accumulate fat in the same areas of the body as women. For this reason, liposuction for men usually focuses on other areas.

In males, the most common places approached with liposuction are the neck (the double chin), the waist (the abdomen and flanks), and the breasts when they are feminoid (gynecomastia).

In women, the most common is to perform liposuction on the neck, hips, thighs and legs, abdomen and below the shoulder.

Liposuction and obesity

The best liposuction in East Delhi is not a treatment for cosmetic surgery to combat obesity. It is a technique that seeks to get rid of localized fat and that usually cannot be eradicated either with diet or exercise.

The best candidates for liposuction are those individuals who have a normal weight, but who have areas with excess fat in specific areas.

Similarly, you have to be aware that liposuction is not a technique that by itself improves the appearance of cellulite.

Liposuction, benefits, risks and complications


  • Reduces localized volumes.
  • Improves body silhouette.
  • Combined with other interventions such as abdominoplasty or breast reduction, it improves the results.


  • If irregularities are caused the result may be worse than the initial state.
  • It is very important to know how to calculate expectations.
  • Choosing an inexperienced surgeon can bring complications
  • If used to extract large volumes (to lose weight) it can bring severe complications.


best liposuction in Delhi

  • Irregularities.
  • Contour problems.
  • Severe problems in liposuction disproportionate in terms of volume.

The liposuction in Delhi is the best procedure for solving localized fat deposits in patients with stable weight. It far exceeds any aesthetic medicine treatment.

Among its risks, the most important is that the application of the treatment is carried out by someone without experience that gives rise to the appearance of irregularities. The experience makes the expectations of the results are valued with sincerity.

Another risk is the temptation to try to lose weight through liposuction. In this way, very significant amounts of fat are extracted, which can lead to severe health problems. The surgeon must be aware that above 5 liters the patient is subjected to an unjustifiable high risk

Among the complications, two stand out: irregularities due to excessive aspiration and health problems due to excess fat extraction.

To achieve a good result you have to be very judicious and sincere with the expectations that are transmitted to the patient.

Burns treatment in Delhi


Have you suffered a skin burn caused by contact with flames, hot surfaces or liquids? Are you looking for the burn treatment in Delhi? Dr Sahil Singla is a leading plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery.

Thanks to the great advances in plastic surgery, the results of reconstructive surgeries for burns are becoming more effective.

The burns may be classified according to their depth, extension mechanism and site of involvement. They are a condition in which timely and effective care is essential.

There are superficial burns that can heal only with topical medications such as creams or ointments, but there are other deeper ones in which surgery is needed to remove the burned tissue, clean the area, prevent infections, and provide a temporary or permanent cover.

Burns can be simple in their treatment or complex depending on several factors and can be life threatening, therefore your careful attention is vital. With proper care, the patient can save his life, reduce scars, and improve subsequent results.

If you have a serious burn you should go to the emergency area of ​​a hospital as soon as possible. In burns the best thing is to prevent. Take care of children, older adults, and yourself.

There are different types of burn treatment in Delhi, depending on the severity of the burn, the location of the affected area, the extent of it, and above all, the skin tissues that have been affected.



They are light burns, of little gravity and that only affect the outer layer of the skin, so no cosmetic surgery treatment will be necessary for burns. With the application of the appropriate cures and a good burn cream, the marks will disappear after a few days without leaving hardly any marks on the skin


Second degree burns are a bit more serious and painful as they damage the dermis layer. After 10 or 15 days the skin regenerates again but the scars persist, so in these cases reconstructive surgery is necessary.


Third degree burns are the most serious, the most painful and the ones that leave the most consequences. Several layers of the skin are affected and regeneration on its own is highly unlikely, so it is necessary to carry out plastic surgery treatments for burns, such as skin grafts or microsurgery.

The most common cosmetic surgery burns treatments that provide the most optimal results are skin grafts


burn treatment in Delhi

This burn treatment in Delhi consists of taking skin from a part of the body, which is usually covered with clothing, the donor area, and grafting or transplanting it into the affected part.

Before performing the skin graft, debridement must be carried out. This consists of removing dead tissue and blisters to expose the true depth and severity of the wound. In some burns, the dead tissue falls off naturally as part of the healing process, but in most cases, the practitioner will need to remove the damaged tissue manually.

The grafted skin adheres (using a patient’s own skin to cover a burn eliminates the risk of tissue rejection) to the underlying tissue and effectively closes the wound.

If you have suffered a burn, whatever degree it may be, and you want to consult with a plastic surgeon in Delhi, contact us today, we will study your case in a personalized way.


Birth Defects

If your child is having a deformity caused by a birth defect, injury, disease, or tumor, Dr. Sahil has the experience and training for birth defects treatment in Delhi.

All children get sick or injured sometime. Most problems are simple and can be solved by your pediatrician. At times, however, the special care of a pediatric plastic surgeon may be needed, who may be able to achieve the best possible cosmetic result. If you think your child needs this special kind of care, make an appointment with a pediatric plastic surgeon in East Delhi.

Birth Defects Treatment in Delhi

What type of treatment do pediatric plastic surgeons provide?

Pediatric plastic surgeons generally treat the following cases:

  • Congenital defects of the face and skull (cleft lip or palate, deformed skull)
  • Birth defects of the ears (prominent ears or no ears)
  • Birth defects of the chest and limbs (misshapen breasts, webbed fingers)
  • Head, face, hand, arm, and leg injuries
  • Birthmarks and scars
  • Burns
  • Cosmetic surgery to improve a child’s self-image

Where can I find a pediatric plastic surgeon?

Your pediatrician may recommend a plastic surgeon who works with children. Your family, friends, and co-workers may recommend a pediatric plastic surgeon, but it is important that you meet with this doctor and review their credentials.

Pediatric Plastic Surgeons: The Best Care for Children

Children are not just little adults. They cannot always say what bothers them or answer medical questions. They are not always able to be patient and cooperate during a medical examination. Pediatric plastic surgeons know how to examine and treat children in a way that makes them relax and cooperate. Also, pediatric plastic surgeons use equipment specially designed for children. Most pediatric plastic surgeons’ offices are designed and decorated with little ones in mind. Toys, videos, and reading materials for children may be available in exam rooms and waiting rooms. This helps create a stress-free and pleasant environment for your child.

If your pediatrician suggests that you take your child to a pediatric plastic surgeon, you can be assured that he will have the widest range of birth defects treatment in Delhi possible, the most comprehensive training, and the best skills in dealing with children.